Tonight, a borrowed idea I kept in my "Slicing" doc from long-time Slicer, writer, educator Tammy Breitweiser (original post HERE, where you can read more about where SHE got the idea for her post). It's a Four Somethings post 

Something Loved

Something Read (or Said)

Something Treasured

Something Ahead

Something loved: Today, I had a massage. It's been a long time since I've relaxed deeply, and being at a spa was an incredible joy today. I was wrapped in a luxurious terry cloth towel, sipping water with "blood orange elixir" tinting it a pinky-orange and adding a sweet taste, when my name was called. I told the masseuse to please not take it personally, but I did not want to talk during the service. And it was lovely. I let myself enjoy the "spa music", the wonderful smells of the scented oils, her capable hands pushing the stress out of my Zoomed-out shoulders and neck. I feel asleep on the table, calm washing over me. I loved that massage.

Something read: My dad needed to get to the library here today - 4 books were due, and they DO charge fines here (Goodness, Dad, is it a dollar a day?!). So we hopped in the car and after dropping the books, we walked a few steps to Joey A. Tyler's Tree of Knowledge statute, which rests upon a book of knowledge. My dad and I recited the poem out loud:

The more you read, the more you know.
The more you know, the more you grow.
The smarter you grow, the stronger your voice,
when speaking your mind or making your choice.

Reading this together made me teary-eyed, realizing the role libraries, books and reading have played in my life, and in my relationship with my parents. Even now, when faced with a lull in our conversations, I can ask "What are you reading?" and each of them can passionately jump into re-telling a current read, always with their editorial comments and often a bio of the writer, as well. My parents have always helped me & cheered on my growing smarter and speaking my mind with confidence, and I realize the gift they gave me, in helping me lead a reading life.

Something treasured: This time with my folks is a gift, despite the juggle of being away and work always tugging at me. Tonight, the three of us made pizza together, listening to the soundtrack from Big Night (we tried The Godfather first, but even the music creeped me out too much, and I was afraid I'd have nightmares!). Cooking together, listening to music, brought out stories - my father seeing Louis Prima on The Ed Sullivan Show when he was a boy, my mom telling me how she and my dad have seen Tony Bennett a few times (who knew?!). As my parents age, I want them to know how much I treasure them, and the best way to do that is to show up in their lives. I'm grateful to be here, treasuring them and feeling treasured, too.

Something ahead: Well, it's 11:50 pm, so the most important thing ahead is posting this Slice and reading others, before my head hits the pillow. 


  1. So stealing this format! :)

    We spent part of the day with my parents, and I agree, that time get more and more precious. It was nice to see them amongst the chaos of my brother's family, a birthday, and the traffic in the place we were eating, but I know those won't happen too much longer!

    Thanks for sharing your slice (I love homemade pizza) and format with us! :)

  2. This is a wonderful format. I am happy you were able to pamper yourself. It is so sweet to read how you write about your parents. The part where you and dad read the poem together was very touching.

  3. A massage! AHHH just the thought sounds amazing. I loved the reading of the poem together as well. Thank you for the reminder of my own format! LOL I forgot about this one.

  4. Thank you for sharing this format. I will definitely use it, soon. Such a beautiful post about spending time with your father. Both of my parents are gone and I sometimes wish I could have just one more visit with each of them. Thank you for writing this.

  5. This was such a fun structure! And I liked the part about your dad and libraries most. Parents as forever champions. Parents and stories. YES.


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