What would it be like to be more curious about my own emotions?
This question is my from the Feel Better Guide's opening moments today.

I am curious about what you're reading, your best minilesson ideas, Google extensions, and Zoom features.

I am curious about new mentor texts, new podcasts, new bloggers to follow.

I'm going to ask you about your parents, and about your children, too. 

And more and more, I'm learning to begin coaching sessions with "How do you feel, today?" really emphasizing the today so I don't get the automatic response of "fine" "ok" "good, I'm good". If I don't ask with authentic curiosity and create time for this conversation, we'll miss meaningful opportunities to do real work inside our coaching.

But: I'm not being curious enough with myself. I don't embrace or cultivate quiet in my own life, and do not let my own thoughts creep up. When they arrive, my body wants to move, and I push back at stillness. I've learned to rush-rush-rush toward to-do lists or tech distractions (unanswered emails haunt me, yet I also give them too much power).

So it's time to change that, and this week of vacation is an opportunity to do self-work (not self-care - self-work). I've carved out time, written it on my calendar. I've asked my husband and son for support, and now I'm sharing this commitment here, with you, too. I'm taking a breath or two even as I type this Slice, because I'm feeling nervous, like a beginner who wants to be an expert without doing the work - impatient with myself, not giving myself grace to be a learner, to be curious about me.

I've got some guidance and tools, but mostly, I've ensured I have the time, a resource I'm apt to give away, fill up or hoard for work. Slicing this month has shown me that I can do hard things, consistently (and when I flub, I can try again). So like my pup below, nose sniffing in the wind, empty beach in front of me, I will step forward and forward and forward into me, with curiosity and care and commitment to myself. 

Here I go.


  1. I am fascinated by your distinction here - "an opportunity to do self-work (not self-care - self-work)" - I wonder if, in the end, they will be very much the same? I think when we take time to go deep with ourselves, it is the very best of self-care. Here's to you and this glorious vacation you have!

  2. I think there's real power in stillness. I know that when I am hurting most, I rush into work and to-do lists in ways that are not sustainable or part of real self-care or work/ life harmony. I love this image you've included because every time I'm near water or great expanses of nature, I feel drawn to stillness and able to calm my mind in ways that I can't always in the city's bustle. And I feel small - small against a great big world of beauty. So yes - be curious about yourself, ask questions, and enjoy your time 'away.' Big hugs, XX

  3. Your candor and vulnerability come through. I hear your intention and recognize your sense of trepidation. Staying curious takes practice, especially when it concerns reaching beneath and beyond the surface. You're on your way. May your discoveries be rich and rewarding.

  4. I am glad Elena is doing this [and that I found out about it through you - BIG THANK YOU]. I have been exploring my emotions and doing some real work with them for about a year. I have repressed and pushed forward for so long that I forgot how to even recognize them. Thank you for doing this work my friend.


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