Things I do not care about

Welcome to March madness basketball, with loyalties on T shirts and Zoom backgrounds. I have picked my brackets, as an obligation of participation in a neighborhood contest, but I do not care at all about March madness.

Who has the rose? What scandal does the viewer know about, but not the contestants? Will they, won't they, did they, didn't they? But I don't care, because I do not care at all about The Bachelor (or Bachelorette). Or the Housewives, either.

Vacation to the big city, the beach, a forest, the plains. On a plane, taking the train, driving there. I do like clean sheets and decent towels, but I don't have wanderlust at all. Somehow both my children do, but I'm happy to be most anywhere, as long as my favorite people are there, and a good book, and comfy shoes in case we're walking.

Name brands aren't my thing.

Cleaning, UGH! No relaxation in running a vacuum for me, I'm sorry to say (and so are my rugs!)

I'm sorry I forgot your birthday; please please do not be mad or sad. It doesn't mean I don't care, it's just I'm not a birthday person. (And yes, it's OK if you forget mine, too.)

I don't care about the Top 40 hits, but if there's a song you think I'd love, please tell me, so I can check it out. I do love music, but the Top 40 list is not my jam.

There is so much I do care about, but it's a good reminder that not everything matters, does it?


  1. Your last line is my favorite. I agree, not everything matters. And March Madness? I'm so with you! Any sport, not a fan.

    1. My "sport" is reading, but I don't even like the best book brackets - no winners/losers, just volume and stamina :)

  2. Come sit by me. I don’t care about March Madness, the Bachelor or Bachelorette (never seen either. They smack of polygamy.). I have never watched a single housewives episode. I clean but hate doing it. I do have wanderlust, however. I love visiting other countries and meeting new people people. I like that these are all matters of personal taste abs not life or death issues.

    1. I wish I could take a wanderlust pill and change that about myself. I am not a grumpy traveler, but it's amazing to see how my own children become a truer version of themselves 'on the road'. So thank you for being a traveler and dragging others along for your amazing adventures!


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