Ode to my young adult children*


so small

Yet we knew

they would grow fast.

Days to weeks, then years.

Growing independent. 

I see it in their shoulders,

their faces -- now stretching, longing

for their life's adventures. "Roots and wings"

is what they say matters. We let them go.

Reminders in their pockets, in their hearts,

knowing they carry us with them, though

they are careful not to show us

too much attention. (Yet I

remember when they were

oh-so small!) They push

away, ready

for soaring

on their 


* I'd never heard of an etheree - you move from 1 to 10 syllables/line (or 10 to 1). I tried both here. Thanks to another Slicer who posted this poetic form earlier this week.

9 years ago:


  1. I love this poem format! You wrote it so beautifully and it truly captured so many of your feelings (and mine, too!) Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Dana - so fun to learn new structures from reading other writer's Slices!

  2. This is a lovely poem! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Alex. It was way harder than I thought it would be, but gratifying to try a whole new structure.


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