Counting blessings for a Friday Slice

A (safe) vacation is around the corner for us AND my iPad is loaded with new YA books I can't wait to read and screenshots of recipes I can't wait to cook (in a random VRBO rental; note to self: bring good knives!).

I baked a banana bread this afternoon, cheating with box mix, but shmushing in two browning bananas, with chocolate chips sprinkled in, too. Slicing a thick slice, steamy warm, with a glass of milk. Such a perfect snack.

An incredibly powerful shot of equity learning from Charles Payne, Nicole Williams Beechum, Howard Fuller and my friend Jennifer Husbands during a one hour lunch webinar yesterday. Left me itching with new ideas, thinking hard about my actions when facing systemic racism - real disruption work.

Wrapping up a project that hasn't been joyful. I know the work was good (the data shows high attendance & strong satisfaction; participants felt engaged, too), but my heart wasn't in it, which required me to bring extra energy to the project, which then left me drained and frustrated. Glad to be closing the project up, and thinking of lessons learned that can help me make better decisions about how I use my time.

Amazing news from two friends. Both heading to graduate school, as mamas of college students, chasing their dreams - no, no - not really chasing them - tackling them, with the full force of their brilliant brains and experienced hearts. So proud of them both - embracing change and modeling real commitment to self. Already planning some "care kits" to spoil them.

Five blessings, all there for the taking, the joy-making, the gratitude.
Breathing them in deeply (and gobbling at least one of them up, too!).

The banana bread!


  1. I like how you highlighted the blessing and had a slice for each one. What a rich life you have!
    I am sure your friends going to graduate school will love the care kits you are preparing for them. (And you will have joy carefully curating the packages)

  2. Almost sounds like ThanksGiving. I also almost hope I would get a "care kit".

  3. Thinking about our blessings help. The banana bread looks delicious.

  4. What a delightful slice, so many blessings and all so satisfying. They really lifted my spirit!

  5. I love how you took the time to notice the positives. Perfect Slice.

  6. It is amazing what we are grateful for when we stop and really think through our days. Great inspiration for a Friday morning. Thank you.

  7. This was really lovely, Lisa, because your gratitude is wide and far-reaching. There is so much goodness in NOW and on the horizon - despite the challenges and the heavy. I'm with you. I'm excited for your trip! And proud of those mamas alongside you. day. XXX

  8. What a delightful slice! I want banana bread now!


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