March 31: Things to know if your kids are my teenagers

Things I should know more about, because they matter to my children:

Do you know who Casey Neistat is? He's a New York City-based vlogger who my son adores. Casey uploaded a video blog post (a vlog) every day for 300+ days, and not just him in front of a computer. The guy is all about incredible production (music, drones, world travel). Well, he took a vlogging hiatus, but now -- he's back! And my son is back online, consuming a lot of Casey again (and he's not alone -- some of his videos have 15,000,000 views!).

Rookie (online and in annual Yearbooks) was founded by fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson. Rookie publishes a ton of content (I would say female focused, but I betcha my daughter would push back on that), and the talk is straight-up honest and covers it all -- sex, drugs, rock and roll. 

Instagram. Snapchat. Vsco. My kids love these apps, and I can't figure out Snapchat for the life of me. And now kids have Finstagram Accounts (their "fake" Instagram identities). And I'm way lost, seeing way too much skin, and wondering if Snapchat is replacing real conversation. At least VSCO seems artsy (she says naively).

Chance the Rapper. Glad he gave Chicago schools a big check. Not sure I should allow this to be my son's first concert (without us), but that's the almost daily discussion in my house right now. It's six weeks away. I better start figuring this out, and I don't think a "No; because I said so." is gonna work here.

Keeping up with my kids and their passions is part of how I stay connected to them, but I do find I need to be careful not to seem too informed or too excited about "their" things -- I try to take their lead, grateful when the door is open, and keep my cool without asking too many "mom" questions!


  1. Oh, it's a tough balance to maintain. I'm so impressed with the things you understand. I worried about music videos and instant messaging. Glad mine are raised, but now there are the grand boys to worry about. (My daughter is adamant - no screen time until two years old.)

  2. As a mom of a six year old, I found your list interesting and terrifying and a tiny bit sad. I have just spent a slightly maddening Spring Break with some version of "Mommy, play with me" every minute of every day, and him waking up several times a night to see what Mommy is doing (or if I am still here?). You reminded me that this time is very, very short, and soon he will not want my company as much (or at all), and I won't know what he is talking about half of the time. It puts my day playing The Cat in the Hat, Spot It!, drawing airplanes, helping him with some make-up reading work for 1st grade, dyeing Easter eggs, and walking to the library into a better perspective.


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