March 30: An acrostic poem (I know, I know!) to celebrate slicing

(We are going to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime tonight, so I'm slicing SUPER EARLY for me, because I know I'll be tired tonight.)

Listen up, my friends!
I've got big news
Since we last spoke (OK, I kept it a secret, it's true)
And it may surprise you...

(It definitely
Surprised me.)

After many years of supporting teachers with workshop, and supporting students with workshop, I am now a

Realizing I wouldn't do it on my own,
I jumped into Slicing. I stuck with it. And
Thanks to this writing community,
Every day this month, I put pen to paper. The month is ending, but April 4 will be here soon. A new Slicer is born. A writer is here. I'm
Ready to keep going.


  1. I have loved following your writing adventures this month, Lisa. I'll be looking for your post next week and every Tuesday after that. My writing life was born in this community six years ago. And you're right - this community is the best!

  2. I love the thread of rebirth in the last part, and the mystery you create (especially with the aside) in the first part. So glad you have found this part of yourself, it sounds like it was there all along, just waiting to be named.

  3. An Acrostic poem in a sentence...great. Your words are encouraging a new slicer. Thank you

  4. Oh, my - this is fabulous! It sounds like you've surprised yourself and are now right at home as a writer! (Best part: I am also a "LISA IS A WRITER" chick!!)


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