March 28: Three Little Words Collection

I am tired.

A full day
Coaching engaged teachers
Assessing growing readers.

Three phone calls,
Supporting leaders and
brainstorming possible solutions.

A nonstop inbox
That needs attention.
Too many "urgents"!

A full workout
14 grueling miles,
yet feeling good.

Last minute stop
Picking up groceries
And late dinner.

Finally sitting down
And putting together
Three little words.

This writing habit
Is getting easier
At day 28!

I am grateful.


  1. Great job with your writing prompt! I really enjoy what you created.

  2. I love this idea ... and really love the way your move from tired to grateful! Nice!

  3. Wow! I'm tired just reading your post. I love the 3 word, 3 line format.

  4. I really like your writing prompt, and the poem about your busy, busy day! How did you get so many miles in on such a busy day?

  5. Beautiful post. You make it look easy. I'm amazed at the variety of slices you've written this month.


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