March 26: Food diary

Today's food diary:

Breakfast: a cheddar/scallion scone with corn meal at our neighborhood bakery with a very strong latte; it was savory yumminess. Saw a friend, stayed at bakery for an hour, leading to half a sticky roll, split with my husband. Conversation on effective teaching, effective parenting of teens, effective caring for parents as they age. No wonder I needed that extra sticky bun.

Snack: six water crackers dipped in spicy carrot hummus eaten to stave off hunger before heading to the gym. Delish! Watch Chopped Junior while riding bike at gym. Wish I'd eaten more. 

Back from gym: one piece of Honey Baked Ham from the Honey Baked Ham store (a super-special treat for my son that I snapped at my husband for eating earlier; so I had to sneak my piece!) and a huge glass of milk. A slice of bakery bread -- Pullman loaf, one of our favorites. Add cheese to shopping list -- grilled cheeses tomorrow, for sure.

Dinner out with friends: blood orange margarita with salt on the rim, the perfect balance to the sweetness and a decadent treat for a "school night". Incredibly rich lobster enchilada with crema sauce. And lots of chips dipped in the sauce. What creamy deliciousness this main course was, so no dessert needed.


  1. I'm hungry reading this! Sounds like a really yummy day!

  2. This was not what I expected to read from a food diary and I'm pleasantly surprised! What a great idea to post about a healthy, normal, little bit of Sunday decadent diary. It's refreshing and kind of salivating! Great slice!

  3. Wow - lots of delicious goodness in this slice. Perfect indulgence for the weekend. Loved the description of your conversation with hubby and why you needed that extra sticky bun.


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