March 25: So far today

So far today... I woke up before my alarm, a New Yorker on the pillow next to me... must've fallen asleep reading.

Since I'm the only one home, I had half a chocolate cupcake and some leftover pasta for breakfast. I was bummed to see we were out of milk. Made a quick grocery list.

I talked to a friend about her job search. We practiced how to ask someone for an informational coffee without sound too "down" on your current job. We made a Google doc with over 10 ideas of people to contact. We promised to talk again for a few minutes tomorrow. When we got off, I said a quick prayer for her success.

I've done 3 loads of laundry:
  stinky workout clothes
  stinky 14 year old boy clothes
  flannel sheets that I think I'll now tuck away until next fall.

I had a super quick chat with my husband and son, away on their ski trip for 12 more hours. They are squeezing in a half-day on slopes in Utah before they come home to me. I can't wait to see them, but I suspect they will bring stinky laundry home with them. And I probably won't be having cupcake for breakfast tomorrow.

I cleaned out our two disgusting refrigerator drawers. ICK! How did they get so moldy? When do other people find time to clean out their fridge? Am I hoarding old cheese on purpose? Must not let this happen again. Such a gross surprise.

I folded a load of laundry and set aside workout clothes -- they didn't even go back in the drawer, so when my alarm goes off in 9 minutes, it will be super easy to shift to gym time.

So far today... I found 3 podcasts I want to listen to, but my tech was fritzy, so I decide to slice before noon!


  1. I probably
    won't be having that cupcake
    for breakfast now
    but I surely will want to lick the frosting
    before unfolding the paper holder
    and eating it up from the bottom first.
    No, I won't be having that cupcake for breakfast
    for that dinner special was just way too good.

    --Kevin, lifting a line from your poem to build a poem as a comment to your post :)

  2. Fun format! You're a great friend to provide such valuable support for someone's job search. Enjoy the last of your time alone! Curious about those podcasts.


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