March 24: 8 words

My internet is down, so I’ve made my phone into a “hot spot” in order to post a Slice tonight; my letter to my daughter will need to wait. Instead here are:

8 words for my Friday

sunny: 70 degrees and a bright blue sky and saw my first crocuses. Welcome spring!

technology: My internet has become unreliable, which makes me realize how much I need tech. Is this OK? Yes, I know I need it to consult, and email is my lifeblood of communication, but in realizing how reliant I am, I’m reflecting a bit and asking: is it too much?

handyman: I need one. There are 27 projects that each need 10 minutes of skill, tools and project know-how that does not exist in this family. I’m going to post a note on our neighbor list serve tomorrow.

thin mints: I’ve already sliced about them once. They are so perfect, especially out of the freezer. Today I ate three. The last three. I need another box.

catfish: This is the name of a strange show on MTV I watched while I worked out on the treadmill today (usually I watch cooking shows, but I worked out at an unusually awful time for TV). I was unfamiliar with the concept (people tricking each other online by pretending to be someone they aren't), and it creeps me out. Must talk with kids about this.

equity: I’m reading a LOT about disrupting racism, and today, I spent some time webbing out some thoughts about “my” definition of equity (as well as other’s). It was helpful to write, not just read, and I’m going to keep working on this personal project.

optimist: Tonight, I had dinner with a friend who is a 50 year old widow with a 7 year old daughter. She described herself as an optimist and shared all the things she has to be grateful for, raising her daughter alone after losing her husband to a massive heart attack less than a year ago. I need to give my friend some support and joy, in quiet, behind-the- scenes ways. She is amazing. I need to feed her heart and am excited to find ways to do this for her.

addict: Three new books today, and I didn't even purchase the book I went to the bookstore to get! I can't really control myself. I realize it. So finishing this Slice and hopping in bed early. With a book!


  1. This is such a neat post. I need to try this and share it with my students. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wish you lived close by! I'd drop off a box of Thin Mints (and they're already frozen). Jealous of your sunny, 70 degree weather. We had a bit of sunshine, but the rain has returned and it's 48 degrees. Love your eight words Friday post.


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