March 21: 10 Little Things About D

Today, my husband is 53. And I adore him... read on to see how awesome he is!


10. The way he picks up the slack in our family when I am gone (which is a lot) and is famous for prepping "Breakfast for Dinner" no matter what food I left for them all to eat.

9. That he still has a turntable, and we regularly listen to old Genesis and Supertramp and Madonna. On vinyl! And it does sound better, and our kids are learning the classics.

8. How he and his best friend (who lives in Boston) talk on the phone about their jobs, families, skiing, politics, and life... they chat 2-3 times/week, and this friend makes my husband laugh really hard, like no one else can.

7. Our ability to live without TV. Even if it means watching the Olympics (one of his favorite things) in bars.

6. His commitment to a certain kind of mechanical pencil (which is almost always has with him).

5. That after 30 years in insurance, he is starting a new business and getting after it -- with passion and energy and vitality and a deep commitment to this new idea (and a plan for making it work).

4. How he puts articles on my pillow for me... OK, it used to be on my pillow (cut from the newspaper) but now it's an email. But he's always thinking about what I might be interested in.

3. That he is wants us all to be adventurous. I might not choose a life of adventure on my own, but with him & our kids, I'm exploring the world in ways that I know will keep me young. AND open my eyes. In 3 months, we are going to bike from Prague to Vienna. WHAT? Yep... like, real adventure!

2. His incredible love of our children. It's bottomless and smart and thoughtful love that helps our kids become better people, since he truly listens to them and knows them. He is so present for them. They know their dad. It's beautiful.

1. The sense that I have a partner who loves the "professional (very busy) me", even when I make terrible mistakes, forget promises (or even worse, disregard them), and feel defeated. I left a job that made me miserable (now 2 years ago), and in my darkest days, he was there. And in the light of transition, he cheered me on. Since I am very committed to my work, to have a partner this supportive of my success is more important than I could have dreamed.



  1. What a lovely tribute! Enjoy your adventures!

    1. I'm heading to the gym to get my workout in -- I need to be ready to ride those European hills!

  2. So much love in this post. What a gift to write this tribute for him. I love that he sends you articles to read, leads the family on adventures, and is supportive of your work.

    1. Thanks for all your comments, Ramona. I have loved being a part of Slice and hardly want it to end!


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