March 19: N C Double YAY, I'm having a super lucky day!

I am NOT a big NCAA March Madness person, but we do a neighborhood bracket (and hey, I live in Cleveland, so we are riding a basketball wave here!), including our many teenage kids, and there is a very wry dad who acts as our commissioner, sending us updates that make you laugh and feel involved and invested (he's a great writer, so I love his clever emails).

Well, here we are, the Sunday when many games are played to help decide the "sweet sixteen" -- in fact, there are 16 games (see, I'm pretty new at this!). My husband kindly explained that this crazy day of basketball is the madness part (I'm catching on!).

So far, I've got:

2 wrong picks
and 3 games still being played (and I won't be updating you guys, because they will going on way too late for this fan)

Yowza, folks, that's 11 for 13, and maybe as high as 14 for 16 -- that's exciting, and I'm in FIRST PLACE among the 49 people in our pool, beating out several cats & dogs, as well as humans. And though I'm a much bigger fan of the awesome "Book March Madness" brackets that I see on the Units of Study Facebook pages, I have to admit, it's fun to be thinking of winning something (and the "something" is bragging rights -- no money involved here). I picked based on emotions, how much I liked the college, and a few glances at the records and ratings that were on the bracket form. I'm not even sure when/where the finals are, but this competition is helping me see that low-stakes friendly competition can be fun, but it's especially fun when you're lucky enough to be winning. Yep, that's right -- it's just luck, not skill or knowledge, practice or commitment. And if we're going to have winners and losers, I'm a fan of hard work, dedication and persistence paying off in victories-- like the work of these basketball players (hopefully, there are many scholar-athletes in the bunch). So I'll be sure to keep my cheers moderate and hope that all this madness doesn't go to my head.


  1. 11 for 13 is mighty impressive. Hope your winning streak .continues! We're participating in the March Book Madness. I'm commenting quickly so I can get back to A Night Divided which made the final four this past week.

  2. My picks are "terrible" like the Mayhem commercial says! They don't call it "March Madness" for nothing. Now, I'm rooting for the upset, because that helps my picks out! :) However, it's also the finishing of the season, and at the end of the championship game, you get "One Shining Moment" too.

    I love this time of year because I'm a basketball junkie, but also it's the time of year where anything is possible! Good luck with your picks and your group! :)


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