March 12: A break from generosity to be generous -- thank you, Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Amy Krouse Rosenthal is dying of cancer.

She's a favorite children's author... and adult books, too. Check out her Amazon site, I bet you know a ton of her stuff.

She wrote an essay in the New York Times, in Modern Love (how I love Modern Love), about loving her husband and wanting him to find love after her death (but how much it truly sucks not to have more time with him). There's not an ounce of self pity in it. Please take time to read You May Want to Marry My Husband. Have kleenex close by. It will be one of the essay you'll every read, I promise.

BUT the most important thing about this post, my post, is that Chronicle Books is asking us to step into the LOVE Amy has put in the world (and is putting in the world -- how does she do this?). They posted a note about her work, life and generosity and are asking us to print an awesome card they designed and get it OUT THERE in the world! The directions are simple (link is below, too).

I'm going to do this every day next week, in gratitude for Amy's writerly life, and to spread joy and make sure that Amy's MORE lives on and on. Will you join me?

Print this card and give it to someone you know, or to someone you don’t. Leave it for a stranger to find in a lovely moment of serendipity.


  1. I was so shocked when I heard the news about Amy's prognosis. Then when I read her letter, I had tears. What a lovely gesture. Thank youfor all the links.

  2. I read the essay last week, was so shocked to learn of her illness. Thanks for sharing this. I saw it on FB on my phone today, but didn't print it out. Now I have & I'll participate, thanks to you.

  3. Amy's essay was nothing short of poignant. What an incredible spirit she has. Thanks for linking the card as I didn't know about it.


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